17 04 2013



Morticia likes being in the coop were the hens are not aggressive.     In the front coop the hens pick on her and her head is bald.  But yesterday when the chickens in the front coop went out she slipped through a tiny opening in the door and went out with them.  Nightfall she was back with her friends.  She is a bantam and I have become very fond of them.




This was a surprising article.  You may be safer eating organic but you should know what company produces the food you eat.  It’s certainly something they don’t want you to know.  All of these below listed companies along with chemical companies gave money to defeat  Prop. 37, the California right to know GMO labeling initiative.  It was defeated in November,

Pepsi owns Naked Juice, Tostito’s organic and Tropicana Organic

Kraft owns Boco Burgers

Coke owns Honest Tea, and Odwalla

General Mills owns Muir Glen, and Cascadian Farm

The above companies donated more than 1 million dollars each towards defeating  Prop. 37.

As hard as it will be for me I will avoid these companies.   They are for profit only and don’t care about the land or the people who buy their products.


Today was a beautiful day in the hills of Western Mass.  We did get the loom moved down stairs.  When I was doing a couple of rooms over upstairs I gave no thought of moving anything.  We had a hard time getting it through a smaller doorway, if the loom was any bigger it would have to stay.  The next time the boys come we will get the other loom down and it will be easier because the loom folds up easier.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.            Carole




One response

19 04 2013
Rita Kay Bergeron

Thank you for the list of companies that support GMO. I also will think twice about purchasing from these companies.

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