11 04 2013


We have had showers on and off but the river is high so Vermont must have had more rain.  This morning on a national news show they were talking about this years Hurricane season.  They think this year will be worse than last year.  I certainly hope not.  But I will try to be prepared.

Back Home Magazine


Each issue of this magazine is chock full of wonderful ideas.    The instructions for making the Pallet Garden are in there.  I am hoping to get 2 pallets soon, one for strawberries and one for lettuce.  


Cindy is leaving for FLorida on Saturday to move my Mom.  Because of her falling she needed to go into a smaller facility.  It sounds like a nice place and was highly recommended by hospice.  There are only 5 residents there and the owners live there too.     They will call me weekly with reports about her health which will be very nice.  Hospice has taken care of moving her and her bed and wheel chair.   I am very happy about this move knowing she will get the care she needs and the falls will stop.

Stocking up

Today I picked up a years supply of flour and popcorn at the co-op.  I ordered in bulk.  Both are organic so no GMO’S.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.               Carole



One response

11 04 2013

Sounds like a good place for your Mom…homey with the owners living there. Hope it works out. Just curious, how much is a year’s supply of flour? I wouldn’t have any idea. Do you get it from River Valley?

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