10 04 2013



I am getting some wool ready for the Farm To Fiber Show which is coming up.  The boys will be here to help me set up.  I am still getting the sheared wool sorted and ready to ship out.  Its a huge job and so far I have only gone through one fleece.  Three more to go.










Last night I went to a lecture at The River Valley C0-Op.  The lecture was given by Lisa DePiano.  The hour and a half went by so quickly and so much information was passed on.  I am signed up for her lecture on the use of rain water in May, and can’t wait for that.  She gave us a recipe for seed bombs to make.  These are bombs made of clay , compost and seeds .  People actually throw these seed balls at vacant lots or in your own yard,  A fun project for kids and adults alike.  The lecture touched on planting , water, compost, heating, the list goes on and on.

Next week I hope to get my pallet strawberry bed made.   If you are interested in making one all you have to do is look up pallet garden on the internet and it will give you all the instructions.    I will have mine upright but in the winter I will lay it down on cardboard and cover it with hay .  I think it will do well.


We are hoping to move my Mom soon, not to far from where she is but a smaller place where she will get more care.  I will keep you posted.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.               Carole



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16 04 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I can’t recommend permaculture highly enough! Nine years into it and it continues to amaze me!

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