7 04 2013


Sheepish the book


 When I saw my sheep yesterday  I thought of all the talk in the book about how we should be more like sheep.  Taking the time to do the things that need to be done.  Napping in the sun is one I really like but rarely do.  This year I think I will do more of that.  Just closing ones eyes can refresh oneself.


My plants are doing well, the seeds I planted last week Roma Tomatoes and Basil are coming up nicely. 









Today I am finishing up my order for organic potato seedlings  to send out tomorrow.  When the potato seedlings arrive I might be able to plant them right away.  I plant my potatoes in recycled plastic bins in which I have drilled holes.  During the winter or early spring I fill them with compost and soil.  I can move these anywhere there is space and good sun.  It’s a good way to recycle these bins and makes it much easier to grow lots of potatoes in small spaces.


  They are easy to make, plastic bins don’t last forever they crack or break but are still useable for potatoes.  You need to drill 1 inch holes all around and in the bottom.    I drilled about 6 holes on the ends and 10  or so in the bottom and sides.  Good soil should be put in the bottom and layering it with compost  or in my case hen-house sweepings and soil up to about 6- 8 inches.  Plant your potatoes as usual and when the plant starts to grow you can add more compost up to the base of the leaves.  In the end the bin will probably be 3/4 full of soil and compost .  I have planted potatoes this way for several years getting a good crop.  This year I am hoping to get at least 50 pounds.    My goal within the next several years is to grow  at least 150 pounds.  

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.                Carole



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