6 04 2013



Today Ollie crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He wasn’t eating much and having other troubles so we went to see Dr. Funk this morning.  He really had gone downhill since Thursday when he was in.  Dr. Funk  affirmed what I thought and Ollie is gone.  The whole staff was saddened and instead of charging me they asked for a donation and I picked the Westfield Homeless Cats.  What a wonderful gesture on his part.  I will miss Ollie so, but am relieved that he won’t suffer.


More pictures of the class and their yarn











The news from Florida this week wasn’t good.  My Mother has slipped into another stage and is hardly eating, falling out of her wheelchair.  She will not be able to come in mid-May if anything she would have to come up immediately.  My house isn’t ready for someone in a wheelchair and bed bound yet so I guess that she won’t be coming at all.  Hospice feels that if she continues at this pace it will not be long.

When I think back to all my relatives that died in the 60’s and 70’s no one had these symptoms.  The got sick and died or had a heart attack and died.  Now we have all sorts of things to keep us going, flu shots etc.   Who wants to keep going like my poor Mother.  She would be horrified at herself.  SHe would never want this.   


Its chilly out today but with a lot of sunshine.  The sheep are all out in the pasture,  laying in the sun and napping.  

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole



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6 04 2013
Mary Jane

Oh Carole, I am so sorry you lost Ollie. Even if the right time had come, saying goodbye is always hard.
Sad to hear that your Mom is failing. Sometimes I think we all have clocks that just start to wind down.
Your photos of the class look like everyone had a good time! what good timing to have that balancing the sadness of the other things going on at the moment.
I will give Ruby some extra cuddles and kisses in Ollie’s memory.

7 04 2013
Anne Wilson

So sorry to hear about Ollie, I still miss my lovely ginger boy, Jason, although it’s nearly four months now, I still expect to see him. I’m sorry to hear about your Mother, I was lucky when my Mum died, she was in a in a nursing home where they allowed pets, she had taken her dog into the garden and she had a massive heart attack and she was gone but her little dog was with her to the end. Just the way she would have wanted. It is so unfair that people can’t be allowed to die with dignity, we would not stand for it with our animals.

7 04 2013

You are so right Anne about being able to die with dignity.

7 04 2013

Oh Carole, so sorry to hear about Ollie. It is always sad. But at least he is not suffering. Cats are always so clear about when they are ready to go. My thoughts are with you. I hope things go smoothly with your Mother as well. You are so right about dignity. We would ever put our pets through what the elderly go through. The quality of life question doesn’t come up enough. And it should! Take good care, Patti

7 04 2013

Thank you so much for your kind words.Thank you so much for the information about the apple trees, I ordered some and they are on their way.

7 04 2013
Francine Keating

Carole, my old friend, I’m so sorry that you had to make the kindest but very sad decision for Ollie to go to the Rainbow Bridge. It takes courage and compassion to love and care for pets for all the length of their lives. Ollie was a very fortunate Kitty to have shared his time here with you.
I am saddened about your Mom. She remains a bright memory of us growing up, our Moms as the best of friends. No matter her current circumstances, which I so wish were not as they are, in my mind’s eye your Mom remains the attractive,energetic, creative,lovely lady of our childhood. She has a wonderful daughter. Take good care of yourself. Fran

8 04 2013
Rita Kay Bergeron

Carole, I’m sorry that you had to say goodbye to Ollie. Our pets do become so much a part of the family and parting is so difficult.
So sorry to hear that your Mom is failing. I will certainly keep her in my positive thoughts and prayers.

16 04 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

So very sad to hear about Ollie passing.

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