2 04 2013


Yesterday was windy and blustery with bursts of rain.  A typical March day but April has only begun.  Today its cold this morning and I hope it warms up this afternoon.  Usually the sheep are out by now but they are staying in the warmth of the barn.



I have been working on the white fleeces.  I have one 3/4’s done and ready to put on a screen door in the upstairs bathroom to dry.  I did dye what I was not able to send out for yarn.  Only using two colors of dye using the rainbow dye method.


















I am planning to send Marley’s wool out to be done into roving.


Oliver Update

Ollie is not doing as well today, hopefully its a minor set-back.


I am still looking for an Antique Apple Tree.  The ones I have found so far are very expensive.   Just a little under $100.  I am still looking because that is more than I want to spend.  I might just settle for a local variety BALDWIN.  They are good apples .


Soon it will be time to get busy with fencing in new areas for the sheep.  I want to move them up the hill more, where they can clean up brush and also there is a small patch of grass near my willow which I would like them to graze.  I am going to take about 10 feet of their  area and fence it in for more garden space but they will have  lots more area to go in.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.             Carole






One response

2 04 2013
Kellie from Indiana

Wink 😉 I’ll take some of that wool off your hands wink wink 😉 great looking bundle of wool Carole! Very exciting!

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