30 04 2013


I am glad to be back home.    No rain in days and no rain to come in at least 7 days.  Everything is so dry.  I will have to water the apple trees even though they are mulched well.  I am glad that I am taking the rainwater lecture at River Valley Co-Op.  I can explore new ways  to save and use water.  We are lucky to have an abundance of water here in Colrain, but I would like to know different ways to store rain water.

A Welcome Home Present



I was putting a few things away in my room and right where I would put my feet to get in or out of bed was a present.  I am pretty sure it was from Marion AKA Baby.  She is the feral cat who would like to trust me but just can’t.  A dead mouse isn’t really what I want but its the thought that counts.  

The Hill in Front of the House










Plants on the hill are starting to push up between the chicken mulch.  Soon it will be full of bleeding hearts.  I did plant a Mock Orange  there.  After all these years I am still trying to fill it in.  I have many Day Lillies and Wednesday I will pick up  some Elderberries at Norse Farms along with some Blueberry, and raspberry plants.

The Hops are popping up near the side porch and I hope to transplant some of them to the chicken fence.  It does provide shade for them and hops for my sleep pillows in the fall.



Mary Jane’s rugs are always interesting and well thought out.  I Love the swirls in this latest rug, they are quite time-consuming to do and look wonderful.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.      Carole



29 04 2013


Our progress

Debbie and I both accomplished a lot at Camp Wool.  Although there is still more of my rug to finish the end is in sight.  The flying puffin is now done.











It was a wonderful time and I will be glad to get back to my regular life.  I want to get the yard done, the chickens all out and the pallet strawberry bed made.  It will be good to get home.  The picture below is the new Camp Wool Store right in downtown Kennebunk.




Perkins Cove

Mary Jane, Deb and I went to one of my favorite places, Perkins Cove.  Just sitting on the bench gazing out into the ocean gives one a sense of peace.


Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.       Carole






28 04 2013


Camp Wool

Every Camp Wool donations of food , litter and all things for a shelter are taken for the Animal Welfare Shelter, a raffle of donated goods is also held for them.  My friend Francine is very involved with the shelter.   What a wonderful thing for LeeAnn, the owner of Camp Wool to do for the helpless animals who are lucky enough to end up in their shelter.



LeeAnn and her family and staff members make sure that every detail is checked and double checked, both at the event and in her shop.  Each customer is given special attention no matter how many questions you ask, each is answered and you are treated like you are the only person in the shop.  Something very rare these days indeed.  The new shop is a chock full of hooking and needlecraft items, antiques, everything one would need. 

I feel lucky to be able to hook for two days and get to enjoy old friends and meet new ones.  There is lots of sharing of ideas and its great to see what other people are doing.  Debbie has started a new rug and I love it.  She has researched  The Northern Light and found it still holds the speed record for going around Cape Horn.

IMG_0240Here is a glimpse of my rug with part of the sky done.  I have drawn in one Puffin and hope to hook him today.



The lobster pin was owned by my Mother and will be added to the sea when I am finished.


Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole


27 04 2013



I made it to Maine just in time for supper last night.  I found this delightful pub called Annie’s Irish IMG_0225  Authentic Irish food, everything was so good that Deb and I are going back tonight.  Its very close by in Ogunquit. For good food and great service try Annie’s.

Family and Friends

Today I met my Sister-in-Law, Rita for Breakfast.  We haven’t seen in other in so many years.  We spent hours catching up,   It was so good to spend time with her again, hope to do it again soon.

After our visit I stopped at Camp Wool, her new place is beyond words.  Packed full of stuff for the needleworker and hooker.  Of course I am going back tomorrow night.   

The afternoon belonged to Fran and I .  We have been friends since we were very small.  Our Mothers were friends for most of their lives.  Not too many people have friends for a lifetime.  Its a special gift.  SHe has a sweet Herb Shop on High Street in Kennebunk.  She also does some local shows.  


IMG_0221Some of the wonderful treasures in Fran’s shop.

The Betty Doon is packed  for Camp Wool not an extra room to be had.  Only 100 yard from the beach, near wonderful shops this owner-operated motel is a wonderful, warm and friendly place to stay.


Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.        Carole

Me, You and the EU!

25 04 2013

I hope you are enlightened by the wonderful post. Please sign up and be counted

Bealtaine Cottage


Missy Cat sleeps on the bed at Bealtaine CottageThe EU are trying to ban Heritage Seeds!

Bealtaine Cottage SeedsThere is a new regulation in the making as I type that will ban, yes, BAN, all old and rare varieties of seeds.

Bealtaine Cottage VerandaNot only ban these seeds of biodiversity and extreme importance to the health of the land and Nature, but will, in effect, threaten the exchange of seeds as I have been doing over recent months.

Old church pew at Bealtaine Cottage PermacultureThis ban will also prevent seeds of diversity from being sold!

So, the EU wants us all to bow down before Monsanto?

Well, I for one, will not!

Bealtaine Cottage Seeds from David in the USThe EU should be banning this monster called Monsanto and all the seeds of death it produces, not our seed heritage, nurtured and passed onto us by our grandparents!

Bealtaine Cottage standing stone in permaculture gardens“Monsanto’s GMO seed is neither ecological nor economic or socially sustainable. It is eco–cide and genocide.” ~ Dr Vandana Shiva

Bealtaine Cottage thinning trees“The courage to say no to…

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25 04 2013




IMG_0215The two apples, the mock orange and 3 hemlock trees arrived yesterday.  I planted everything today.  I got them from Millers and they look so healthy and strong.  Thanks Patti for suggesting Millers to me


IMG_0216                 IMG_0217









Today was a special day for Elliott.  Marc Page came and sheared him and trimmed his feet.  He looks and feels better now.  I am hoping to find a vet that will trim his teeth.  There are vets in New Hampshire that come here and will do it but Marc feels that he shouldn’t be knocked out for this as his is quite old.  SO I will have to find someone who can give him a light sedative.  I am going to send out his wool to be put into roving for more rugs.



Camp Wool Here I Come.  Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.     Carole


24 04 2013


Today was damp and dreary but the Robins were in the pasture looking for worms.  Things are budding fast and just 15 minutes drive the forsythia is out.

Well the show is over and I have to unload the car and put everything away.  I had a surprise visitor, my fellow blogger Patti.  It was a nice visit.


Packing up for Camp Wool

There is so much to do for Camp Wool, I am planning to take the Lighthouse Rug and the Blueberry Jar rug. with me so I need to make sure I have all the wool that I will need for them.

Tomato Plants

IMG_0211 IMG_0212







This year I started my tomatoes 2 ways.  One group were planted in those trays  you  buy tomato plants in and the other in those round flat things that you add water to.  The tomatoes that were in the round things did much better.  The plants were stronger and  looked healthier.  Maybe it was that the roots were compact, only could grow straight down.  I will use that method next year.  I transplanted lots of tomatoes today and have more to do when I get back.

Orange Cleaner

I am using the orange cleaner I made over the winter.  It works great even on glass and , chicken coops and stove tops.  I have started another batch, I am using it so fast.

Leaving you tonight with a Shorty picture.  HOpe you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole