28 03 2013



Oliver has been sick for a few days.  It kept getting worse and worse, so yesterday he went to Dr. Funk.  He had an infection in the only tooth he had in his mouth and the infection spread to behind his eyes.  He had to have some surgery.  That boy has been through a lot but still remains cheerful and happy.  He came home late afternoon.  He slept well only awaking once and quickly returning to sleep.  Today he ate a little and drank  a little.  He will return to the doctors next week for a recheck.  Although Dr. Funk saw no cancer he couldn’t rule it out.  Only time will tell.





Tomorrow is shearing day.  They have been stuck in the barn since yesterday afternoon.  Because Steve will be shearing with Electric clippers the sheep need to be really dry to make it easier.  After this chore is done the barn has to be cleaned.

Yesterday’s Yield






Yesterday was a good day for gathering eggs.



As you probably have noticed no black spots in the pictures.  I got a new camera.  A Cannon.  (Thanks Anne for the information)  I like it a lot, it is easier to manage more hi-tech (but easier to figure out) and I get better pictures.  It will take me some time to learn the ins and outs of it but it surely was needed.  I bought it at Staples and  there were few cameras there.  When I asked about that he said cameras have declined in popularity because of  phones and Ipads taking pictures.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



3 responses

29 03 2013
Kellie from Indiana

How exciting that shearing day is tomorrow, all that wool! Hope the temps stay wa enough for the sheep. What a pretty assortment of eggs, no need for dying eggs for Easter 🙂

29 03 2013
Kellie from Indiana

Warm enough for the sheep that is!!

31 03 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Bless poor Oliver…he reminds me of Missy. May he be comfortable and content. You will be blessed for your kindness Carole X

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