25 03 2013


The Moon last night was spectacular!!





This morning I planted the four packages of tomato seeds.  Having some left over for next year.  I am sending my seed order soon.  I want to get one more package of tomato seeds which they don’t carry  at the feed store.  They are called Principe Borghese.  They are a traditional tomato for sun drying or oven roasting.  Very sweet and high yielding.  I am anxious to try them.  I have brought the small greenhouse down to start those seeds when they come.










I have been reading this magazine for quite some time.  The March/April issue is full of wonderful projects and many helpful hints.  I have found that this particular magazine saves me much more than the price of it .  I love the idea of making a stand up garden with pallets.  Especially since with each order of wood pellets a pallet comes with it.   Strawberries come to mind , vertical planting will make them much easier to pick.  I think I will plant herbs on the bottom two shelves.  What a great project.   Check out the magazine for more projects to help you become more self-sufficient.

There was much chattering in the hen house when this giant pumpkin was brought in.  Charlotte was more interested than anyone.  


Shearing Day  

I have to get busy cleaning out the barn door so it can be closed, and if my sheep are still damp tomorrow I will have to post-phone the shearing  I am thinking about getting covers for my sheep in the fall.  There fleeces really got messy this year,  the hay seemed dryer than usual.

Catattitude in the house

Willie was the last cat to come to the farm therefore it a was the duty of Angus to make sure that Willie got bossed around.  Angus would hide in back of doors in back of the pellet stove and pounce on poor unsuspecting Willie.  He suffered in silence for these past 3 and a half years until Millie arrived.



 Now it seem the right of passage has fallen on  Willie.  He chases Millie.    Although he was quite surprised when Millie screamed and fought back.  The dynamics are changing.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole





2 responses

26 03 2013
Mary Jane

Hi Carole,
So glad to be back home reading about your tomato seeds! Isn’t it fascinating to watch cat dynamics, and how they go about working things out? I wonder if Willie and Millie react to their names sounding almost the same? See you soon! -MJ

26 03 2013

Mary Jane,
So glad that you are back, can’t wait to hear all the details of the trip. Missed your blog. Yes the dynamics are so interesing. Everything will work itself out.
Camp Wool is just weeks away, see you there.

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