24 03 2013



The rug is finished and on the wall.   I do like how it came out.    My hooking tends to be lumpy and bumpy. I  like it that way although when I look at other hooking with it all even there are times I wish I could do it like that.   My right hand has arthritis and I accept my limitations and go merrily onward.


I will be glad to get a new camera!!!!!!

I am onto the Lighthouse Rug working on the rest of the lawn and house this week.  Next week I will start on the lighthouse itself and then the sky with a few puffins flying about.  I am hoping to have this finished before Camp Wool and will take the Blueberry Jar rug with me to work on there.  I also want to draw out the rug with my dad on his sled. 




The kitchen counter is the best place for the seeds to be started.  I can have the light on all day and shut it off before I go to bed.  Upstairs in the south bedroom would have been perfect but there are mice about and they tend to dig up things and eat the seeds.  I can have a watchful eye in the kitchen, and Shorty patrols there frequently.


My kitchen is not the normal large county kitchen of the mid 1800’s.  I don’t know why.  Its seems that it  was  enlarged  sometime, and  they used the wood shed .  That is the part that I had to have new sills, walls, insulation and flooring last summer.  

Today I am setting it all up and washing the starter trays and tomorrow I will plant.  This gives the plants the right time to be ready to plant in the ground late May without getting too spindly.  At least I hope it happens that way.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.                  Carole



3 responses

25 03 2013

I love your rugs, lumpy or not. They are beautiful. Good luck with your seeds. I will be planting more when I get back. Hopefully Spring will be arriving soon as well. Take care, Patti

25 03 2013
Rita Kay Bergeron

I love the way the carrot rug came out. You do exceptional work!

31 03 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I agree with Rita…you have a great talent! Quite the artist!

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