21 03 2013

Hello All,                                                   HAPPY SPRING


   Yesterday  morning I woke to winter wonderland, it was so beautiful with the snow still hanging onto the trees.  The melt starts this afternoon when temps try to reach 40.



This morning I received the regular newsletter from River Valley Market the co-op I joined last year.  They offer classes and lectures through-out the year.  In April there  is a lecture in Permaculture which I hope to attend and then in May there is a lecture on Harvesting Rainwater which I will sign up for. Water is something that we in Colrain have plenty of.  We are lucky.   There are very few basements that are dry here.  I am hoping to learn how to redirect some of the water that comes off the mountain.


Yesterday my friend Ceacy saw a Bobcat in her garden beds.  A sight that is rarely seen these days.  Many animals that were familiar sights when I was a child  have moved to more remote areas.  Living in Colrain Wild Turkey’s are a familiar site, bears also.  In the mountain in back of me are mountain lions, I never see them and have Elliott who protects the sheep so I am not really worried about them.   Coyotes live in the mountain across from me and you can hear their haunting cries on summer nights.  A fox family has a den right down the street and each year raises her pups.  I protect my chickens with three fences and keep them in  at night.   I also have a solar light that to an animal at night looks like a large animal eye, I know that has helped.  So far all these things have worked for me.  It’s good to live in combination with nature.


Today was moving day for Minnie.  I was hoping to get herself and her basket off the table.  I was only successful in moving her 2 feet to the end of the table.  I put her basket on a trunk which is very near the table and only like 6 inches shorter than the table.  She would jump back on the table I would put her back in her basket on the trunk.  This went on and on so I will just move her in small increments.  She has been moved so many times and I can do this slowly



Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.             Carole




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