19 03 2013

Hello from snow-covered Colrain,


The view outside my bathroom window.

It’s still snowing some, very wet and heavy snow.  Its covered everything. The sheep love it.  It’s a beautiful site.  Hope that this is the last snow storm of the season after all tomorrow is the first day of SPRING!!


I bought some organic celery last week.  I use about a package a month in soups, green salads and potato salad.  I was shocked at the price which is now $4.99 for the package.  It shot up by a dollar in less than a month. 


Celery is something I tried to grow and was unsuccessful.  And its a veggie that I will pay the extra for  organic.    I know the time and effort that goes into growing it.  I think this summer I will find someone local who grows it and buy plenty to cut up and freeze. 

Today I made potato salad it hit the spot.  I love it all year round.  People make it  in so many ways.  Homemade is so much better than supermarket  brands.

The Carrot Rug

I finished one side of the border soon it will be finished.  I have found a brown plaid for the backing and I think I will just dip it into the green dye that is left and see what happens.


Shorty (from his favorite chair near the wood stove) hopes you have a wonderful day and I thank you so much for reading my blog.






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