15 03 2013



There was a wonderful article about Kenneth Poore in the current issue of Yankee Magazine.  Kenneth died at the age of 98, lived in the same house that his father and grandfather lived in. His house didn’t have modern conveniences, no running water or electricity.  He was a true yankee, the things that came into his life like a pair of shoes, never left.  You could repair shoes or when they were truly worn out you could use the leather that was left for other things.  You can visit this wonderful place, read his diaries, and look through the barn.  It’s on my bucket list for sure.  Visit and pick up March/April Yankee magazine to read  the whole article and many other interesting articles.

My family has been reading Yankee Magazine for many years.  It is a magazine that holds the history and life of New England.  Each magazine is full of places to see, people to meet and talks of years gone by.

My Grandfather

William Utley was my Grandfather.  He was a butcher at Baldwin Brothers in Holyoke, Mass.  He was born in Chesterfield, Mass and the house is still there where he was born.  He was a big figure in my life.  He was a lot like Kenneth Poore.  He didn’t throw things away, he fixed his own shoes, mended his shirts and made pillow cases and sheets out of feed sacks, all by hand.  I still have the pillow cases and one sheet.  He made do. Building stone walls in my parents backyard in his early 80’s, eating bacon and eggs every day.  He was one of the wisest men that I have ever met and I was so lucky to have him as an influence in my life.  There have been so many times on this small farm that I wish I could ask him what to do.  He had what I call Yankee sense.   Fixing things with  what was around him is what he did best.


Today I have started the carrot rug.   I made the pattern last fall and put a bunch of orange-wools together as I found them.  This is another  rug to hand in the hallway for the summer.  I wanted to hook something today  but tomorrow I will continue hooking the lighthouse rug.  I need to search for the wool for that.  It was a good thing that I took the picture of the rug outside as I realized the color was more red so I am not sure if I will continue with the red and make it one of the new varieties or make it all orange.



I see wonderful changes in her every day.  In thinking what her life must have been this has been such a huge change for her.  She is now eating some canned food but still not eating the dried food that my cats have to eat.  I am working on it.    She plays and runs around still doesn’t tolerate the black cats.   Sammy is perplexed about this as all the other cats like him.  He tried to work his charms on her but so far no luck.


Today is a cold day on the farm, ice has formed on Sadie’s bucket.  I was planning on doing some outdoor chores but that will have to wait, a fire has to be started in the wood stove this day.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole



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