9 03 2013


The snow has stopped and we got  2 or 3 inches, it was just a nuisance storm with a lot of hype which didn’t happen here.   I hope this is the end of snow for the year although it’s a bit early.  Its suppose to be in the high 40’s today and 50 on Sunday, with 50’s during the day and freezing at night for the rest of  the next coming week.


Minnie is doing much better its been over a week since she has been here and she came running up to me yesterday.  I put a basket on the table yesterday and put her in it, she is in it a lot and it gives her a view of all the cats and what they are doing.  Gradually I will move the basket to a chair and then to the floor.  This is helping her to adjust to the other cats and get to know them.




Finally the house in Florida is out of our hands.  The deal went through after over a year of  mishaps and unscrupulous people finally my agent Robert Clinton got the sale done.   

Cindy and I are heading to Florida tonight.  I am racing around trying to get all the animals taken care of , Jen and her children will feed them and they will hardly know that I am gone.  David will come over to give Minnie some food and take care of hay and other things.  I am so lucky to have Jen and her family watching over the animals and David and his family watching over everything else.  We are staying in Orlando tonight as we are getting in late.  Then off to New Smyrna Beach for 2 nights.  It will be a busy but productive trip.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.     Carole



4 responses

9 03 2013

Yeah! So glad the Florida house is sold! Such a nightmare. Have fun with Cindy and your Mom. Everyone will be waiting for you when you come home. Safe journey. Patti

10 03 2013
Anne Wilson

So glad to hear that the sale has at last gone through. Hope Minnie doesn’t miss you too much nowthat she has bonded with you.

10 03 2013
Kellie from Indiana

Have a great trip Carole! Congratulations on the sale of the house!!

11 03 2013

Minnie is adorable! My husband and oldest son agree. We thought our 14 yr old Chloe had thyroid issues since she’s under 6 lbs. Now, but her Vet results all came back normal last week. Travel safely and enjoy your time!

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