7 03 2013




The snow was supposed to start last night and go into Friday.  It snowed maybe and inch and blew away.  I was able to go out and get lime and oyster shells at the feed store and pick up some hay.  Its snowing now but very fine.  We could get between 2 and  8 inches no one seems to know.  Then from Sunday on it will be in the low 50’s.  When I get back from Florida it may be mud season here.  Well in my walk way it’s already mud season.  The wood stove is going and the smell of lemon grass oil is making its way through-out the house,


I have felt like baking and made brownies, date nut bread and some wonderful macaroni and cheese.  The macaroni and cheese has a dash of mustard and some finely chopped onions, that really does add to the flavor.




















I have bought a few more seed packages.  2 watermelons and 2 pumpkins and 2 cucumbers.  I do have other pumpkin seeds from last year that I will grow too.




Minnie is settling in.  Today she wanted to be out with the other cats.  She likes drinking out of the large water dish and settled herself in a easy chair.  After 13 years of living on the streets, or in a shelter she finally has a home.  The stories she could tell.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole



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