5 03 2013


Last night there was a beautiful sunset.  I am lucky to live in an area where sunsets are breath taking.


We are expecting yet another snow storm with at least 8 inches of wet snow, I will be working on the barn till it comes.  I can’t have any flooding while I am away.


I don’t watch the news anymore, it’s all full of hype about movie stars and wars, but this morning I did turn on the tv.  They were talking about the economy and Korea and then they mentioned homelessness is higher than its ever been.  It sounded like an afterthought to me, not really important news.  Over 51,000 people in New York City are homeless every night and half of them are children.  We have lost our way in America, we are so busy helping other countries, fighting wars, and being the big shot that we can’t help our own. 

It’s easy to lose all you have worked for all your life.  It almost happened to me this past winter.  Through a series of circumstances I came to the brink, with help from my family I was able to stay afloat.   I was lucky that my circle of  friends gave me moral support which helped me so much.  It has change me forever, change the way I think, and the way I spend money, made me more determined to work harder, be in more control of how I heat my home, the food I eat and how I live.    It was an emotional upheaval  and I am still going through some of it but the end is near and I will recover.  When I think of this happening to many other folks, many don’t have the support that I had.  It causes them to sink into the depths of despare from which recovery is hard and there isn’t much help.  I have seen this in the places I have worked, a health clinic and a mental health clinic.  People beaten down with nowhere to turn.  When I am through with this mess I want to give back in some way, I am not sure how at this moment.  Helping in a soup kitchen, donating food I don’t know now but what I do know is that this experience has taught me that this can happen to anyone and for me I was very, very  lucky.  Hope in the future is the answer, and if I can give one person a glimmer of hope I will be happy.  Onto brighter things.

Shelburne Falls Farmers Market

I have decided to sign up for the season at the Shelburne Farmers Market.  I went only once last year and wasn’t very successful but this year I think things will be better.  I need to establish myself there with my soap, and some baskets, and wool and herbs.  I am looking forward to it.



We are back from Dr. Funk’s with good news.  Minnie is a little older than we all thought, she is 13.  Her heath is good and no kidney problems.  She just loved the pounce the doctor gave her.   He gave her a clean bill of health, she is a little dehydrated but considering all the traveling she has done that is to be expected..  I am sure she was scared, thinking she may be going somewhere else but was glad to be back home settled on her favorite spot on the woolen blanket on the bed.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



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5 03 2013

We found out that Sunny is 13 as well…and he has a thyroid condition. But he remains very sweet. Minnie will miss you while you are in Fla…but she will love it when you come back. Hope everything works out well down there. See you when you get back. Patti

5 03 2013
Mary Jane

So glad that Minnie got a good health report! She is meant to be a retired cat, with you, and with all the adventures and napping wpshe will find there.
And I know what you mean about the economy, our financial health is similar to our physical health -a lot more fragile than we imagine.

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