4 03 2013


March Winds

Today we had March Winds.  The sun makes it look like its warm out, as soon as you step out the door it hits you.  The house gets cold quickly with the wind and you know what windows need a draft dodger.

Maple Sugaring

The spinning group met at Jen’s house today.  They have all the sap buckets out and make around 7 gallons a year.  They have a big family and share with relatives

This is a clever way to use old plastic syrup containers.


 Its comforting for me to see sap buckets.  Its reminds me of my childhood.  My Dad and Mom, Grandfather and Uncle Roger all piled into the car and went to my Cousins Ethel and Ernest Dodges place in Chesterfield, Massachusetts..  Chesterfield is a small town in the Berkshires.  At that time almost everyone who lived in that town was a relative.    My Grandfather was a butcher and would bring up a roast and Cousin Ethel would put it in her oven in the  huge black , wood cook stove .  My Dad and I would walk through the woods down to the sugar house where my Cousin Ernest would be with his team of horses, emptying the big vat of sap.  He would have taken the sled around to each tree and emptied the buckets.  Steam would be rising and the sweet smell of sap would be floating in the air..  After the days activities we would have a huge meal and dessert would be Sugar on Snow.   Fresh snow from the woods would be brought in and hot maple syrup would be poured on it.  I can never remember the ride home, I was tuckered out from the days activities.  

Several times a year I visit the Dodge place, they are long gone now but their relatives now have a blueberry farm there and I bring my grandchildren there to pick every year.  The old barn with the three seater is also gone, but memories linger on.


I was able to get an earlier appointment with the vet so tomorrow she will go.  She has something wrong with one of her eyes and I want her to be checked out.  She is cold and the following picture although dark shows her on top of the pellet stove.  Of course coming from such a warm country and getting thrown into the frigid north isn’t good.  She was out all day with the other cats and that may be too much for her too.  Tomorrow we will get some answers.


Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.     Carole



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