3 03 2013



A few days ago  I saw an ad in my local poultry group online.  It was offering part of a ton of organic layer pellets for sale.  I don’t know about your part of the world but organic layer pellet prices have been soaring and so have other organic grains.  I called and had Dimitri put 3 bags aside for me and I picked them up this morning. 

Dimitri owns  Woodstar Cafe’  in Northampton. It is a family owned bakery, sandwich shop and espresso bar.  He has 31 hens and uses all the eggs at his restaurant and he also grows all his own greens, some fruit  and veggies at his farm nearby.   He uses no trans fats and all of his baked goods are baked from scratch. It is wonderful to have a local restaurant who cares so much where his food comes from that he grows it himself.


The food is called Morrison’s Organic Layer Pellets which is my Mother’s maiden name.  I am sure my hens will love it and I like pocketing the savings.


I purchased 2 more package of tomato seeds and I think I will purchase two more and that will be more than enough.  I have done more calculating on just what type of tomato and what I am planning to do with them this year.  

I have picked out another Heirloom tomato.  Its called Principe Borghese by Botanical Interest seeds.  It has heavy yields and is traditional for oven roasted or sun-dried.  I would really like to do some sun-dried tomatoes this year.

I never seem to have luck starting peppers so I will be buying them this year.  I love to get green, yellow and purple, which look great in summer pasta salads and freshen up a dish during the winte



Minnie had another good day.  I decided to give her another day to feel really secure in the bedroom.  She knows there are other cats out there and the other cats know she is here.  Tomorrow I will let her out watching Angus every moment.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



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3 03 2013
Mary Jane

Welcome to Minnie! Tell her she is a beautiful cat and has landed in a really good place, even if it takes a while to get adjusted to the other cats!

3 03 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

She looks just like Sammy Bear…just gorgeous!

3 03 2013
Anne Wilson

Minnie looks beautiful, we are still looking for our new kitten, something will turn up. We pay 17.50 euro for 25kg Organic layers pellets, I have no idea how much ordinary feed is. What is expensive is Organic growers, chick crumb is not too bad, but the growers is way over the 20 euro mark. We hope that we have worked out a ration that the young birds will thrive on by mixing our own .Things seem far better over there with regulations, here no restaurant owner would be allowed to use his own eggs unless he was registered with the dept of ag. many can not even prepare veg in their establishments, they have to buy them in ready prepared. We also can’t sell eggs, and that includes duck eggs to a shop or restaurant. There are so many regulations here it totally stifles the artisan producer.

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