Warm Temps Melting- LEN-A BIG SURPRISE

1 03 2013


The  above freezing temps have allowed the feet of snow to start melting at a pretty good clip.  The water has poured into the barn and is almost to where Sadie is.  There was 2-3 inches on the floor and of course it was raining  in the downstairs area.  Luckily all the coops are okay.  And the food too.  I have been working on it for the past few days putting down shavings and then taking the soaked ones up.  Last night I did clear up all the soaked shavings and put new down and then cleared up the floor in front of the door and put down horse stall pellets and covered them with some hay so they wouldn’t get into their feet.  


An old house and barn might look quaint to most people but they all have quirks to them and this is one of mine.  I have had this problem fixed twice.  The fellow who replaced a lot of my stone walls and worked on the inside barn wall put a drainage system in.  And then a few years later my son put drainage in.  Having sheep adds to the problems because they drag hay and everything else around the barn and into the drainage system. Then the snow and ice add to that, then I have a melt down.  I want to get this problems solved and not have it happen again.  Winter is a hard enough time around the barn with clean up and water etc.  This is a problem I don’t want to have.  I will feel relief when this is finally put tp rest.


My friend Lynn’s husband passed away the day before yesterday.  He was the same age as my Mother.  He led a very happy and healthy life and was in good shape until a couple of years ago when we saw him slipping.  He was in a prison camp during World War 11.  He had to be a strong person to come out of that.  He and lynn did lot of things together, they took a house building class, he learned how to spin and was a good spinner.   He loved being on the tractor and mowing his field.  He will be missed.


Last night I received a phone call from my daughter Cindy who lives 2 hours away.  She said that she had a client in Greenfield and wanted to meet me there as the boys had something they wanted to give me.  I met them in Greenfield and here is a picture of the surprise.


  Cindy and her family have been looking for a white cat for a month and found this one close to their home.  I have missed having a white cat so much, although she won’t replace Ernest Dodge she will be  loved and cared for and be her own person.  She came Puerto   Rico.  Been in a shelter there and here for a while. Her name is Minnie Bisbee named after my Grandmother.  She is settling in and has only met one cat so far.  I will bring her out to see the other cats this afternoon.  Gradually she will be given the run of the house.  She loves to be petted but not held.  PUrrs and talks.  She is between 5-and 8 years old.  It was totally a surprise , I am so happy to have her.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



2 responses

1 03 2013

What a great surprise! She has traveled a long way to be with you..I am so happy she has found a forever home.

3 03 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I am reading your blogs from the latest-back, so i have already seen Minnie sleeping…but her face is just beautiful! Bless you for caring for these lovely creatures X

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