27 02 2013


Heavy snow, then sleet and rain and back again to huge flakes of snow.  The roads are quite bad and its a day to stay inside by the fire.  

P1020430A Chance Meeting with another Sheep farmer

On Monday I got grain for the chickens.  I had an interesting conversation with a gal who raises a variety of animals about 5 miles from my grain store.  I had never met her before and never knew her farm existed and she had no knowledge of my farm.  This is how it is now in this country.  Before there were farm groups and they had suppers and meetings.   You knew every farmer around, when they had troubles you helped them and when you had troubles they helped you.  Now we are isolated.  I want to change all that in my area.

We have a chicken group online, and  have a get together once a year. Unfortunately I missed the get together this year but last year I learned so much from the 3 hours I was there. Sharing tips on feed and bedding, illness and egg production.

 I would like to put up a sign at the grain store for a get together of small sheep and fiber farmers.  I have a web site which is up  but not running that will list small wool producers of fleeces and yarns in our area.  Its time not to be isolated, to share ideas on farming .  I doesn’t matter if you have llama’s, alpacas, sheep or angora goats and rabbits  in these troubled times we need to band together.  We need to be there to help people who are starting off with fiber animals and people who are just interested in buying the fiber from us.  I am going to make up the sign  and will keep you all informed. 



While I was at the grain store I bought the usual grain for the chickens.  I buy Green Mountain Organic feed.  There are no GMO’s in the feed but it is more expensive.  $10 to $16. more a bag.  I have never bought anything other than organic feed since I got chickens over 11 years ago.  I am on a limited budget but believe that my health depends on the food I eat.  I will save in other areas of my life and grow more food this year. 


I have bought  2 packages of heirloom tomato seeds so far.  Beefstake which is a pole variety and Speckled Roma which is also a pole variety.  I plan to grown these on some fencing which will be sturdy enough to hold them upright.  I plan to get two more varieties, a purple cherry tomato and another variety of Roma.  I plan to freeze and can the Roma’s.    Using them whole and diced will work in all myP1020434 recipe’s.  










Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.







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27 02 2013

I just started planting some seeds inside. I use that company as well. I got some cherry tomatoes and brandy wines. I almost bought the Roma’s..are they plum tomatoes?

3 03 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Organic is the best in that all the ingredients have a proven provenance and are natural, so I agree with you sentiments. Just starting off tomatoes myself today, though loads come up each year in the tunnel on their own and I just pot them on!

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