27 02 2013


Well there was some excitement around the house yesterday.  The closing on my Mothers house in FLorida has been delayed .  I was upstairs in Ollies suite faxing the paperwork back to the realitor and in a cardboard container that I  stored Ollies dry food was a tiny mouse.


I do love mice only not in my house.  Of course it can’t go out at this time of year so I will have to find an aquarium for TINY.  I would have never been in that area of the house unless I was faxing something.

Tiny has found the food, ahhhhhhhhhh cheese and bird food.  Soon he will come across the water.  There are nesting materials for he or she to make itself at home.

I am planning on writing some children stories about my chickens and sheep  trying to publish them myself and now I have a little mouse to add to the adventures.



2 responses

27 02 2013

You will be the next Beatrix Potter! I look forward to the stories as little animal stories have always been my favorites! How nice to have a new addition to your menagerie. What do the cats think? Glad you found TINY first. I know what Merlin does to mice he finds. Sorry to hear the closing is delayed. AGAIN! Good luck with that. Patti

3 03 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

You are amazing to love these tiny mammals…I must add that there are few women in the world who can hold to such a love! And he does look so cute!

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