26 02 2013


The sun is shining this morning and it cast a glistening effect on the snow.  Today promises an above freezing day so some outside work can be done.

We are expecting another storm later on today and it will go into tomorrow.  Heavy snow is expected.   This will help us keep the water table up so we do have to appreciate it even though snow storms are getting old!

Vegetable Soup


A couple of days ago I made  a pot of Vegetable Soup.  Why I don’t make it more often is beyond me.  It’s so easy, everything is thrown in the crock pot and in 6 hours its done.  Some crusty bread or a salad and its a meal.  I have thrown some noodles and some cheese in it too.


I have gotten one done and the other on its way.  These socks along with others that my daughter and I had bought at a car boot sale in South Cork were difficult to do because of the tight machine knitting.  But once I figured out the first one and reduced the stitches to my sock pattern I was fine.  


I would be glad to help anyone who wants to do this. Send me an e-mail for help It’s just a matter of taking your favorite sock pattern and  having the stitches  match that pattern at the heel point.


Shorty is very happy that the old living room chair moved into the kitchen . He was tired of laying on the hard wooden floor.  Life continues to improve for Shorty.

The darkness of the picture continues to be a problem of this camera.  The flash did go off, sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.



Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.       Carole



One response

3 03 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

This is my quiet time for catching up on blogs I follow…and I am always so delighted to read about your life, Carole. I now feel inspired to make soup and add noodles, as well as getting the knitting out! I may even watch some Miss Marple as I knit…loads of Agatha Christie on YouTube! Thanks for these posts…inspiring as always!
Colette X

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