24 02 2013


Today the farm had two visitors.  A student at a Boston College and her Father.  The student had to write an interview for a magazine for one of her classes.  It may or may not be published.  She has read my blog about sheep and called to see if they could drop by.  We had a nice visit and she is actually interested in having sheep sometime..  Her father is an accomplished photographer and took many pictures..


I took my last class on the wee sweater.  I have not been able to do much on it but really hope to get going on it this coming week.








I have come to realize that I should have gotten a lighter color to do this and it would have been easier to see the pattern.


The boys are gone back home.   The week went by so fast.  Lots of things got done but Chris still has to tweak Etsy which I sure he will do as soon as he can.  At the end of the school year they will be taking their annual trip to Montreal and this year I hope to join them and have a visit with my friend Louise.  We are thinking of taking the train up from Brattleboro, Vermont.  It’s a lovely scenic ride.  I have never been to Montreal so I am looking forward to the visit.

We are having some snow, there are conflicting reports on the amount.  From 2 inches to 8.  I guess I will see in the morning.  Its suppose to be very wet snow as the temps are near 30.



I want to knit but don’t want to really think about a pattern.  When that happens I knit washcloths.  They are simple, and I make much larger ones than you can buy in the store.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.





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