20 02 2013


Ricky and Christopher came last night and have been a great help to me already.  We hope to get a business inventory, the barn cleaned and me on Etsy before the week is out.  Of course other things come up like getting the new chair which took much more time then we planned.  

Knitted Egg Covers

I finally finished a knitted egg cover from the pattern from Peace Fleece.  It was quite easy to knit up and finishing took a little time.  I really enjoy making them because they are so fast and can be finished quickly.


The beak ,waddle and comb  are needle felted and sewed on .  I did some needle felting on them after they were sewed on to really make sure they were attached well.  I did needle felt the eyes on.  Now that I have made one it will be much faster to complete more.  

New Chair

Ever since my knee replacement finding chairs that were comfortable and that were easy to get up from was hard.  I really didn’t have one that was comfortable.  I went down to Home Furnishings in Greenfield and found this beautiful chair  that was easy to get up from and comfortable.  


The boys moved the old chair into the kitchen so on cold days I can knit in front of the wood stove.

The large sign is from I business I once had on the Mohawk Trail called the Sugar House.  

Tomorrow night the boys and I are planning to go to Belchertown to watch Tea play again.

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you have a wonderful day.                         Carole



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23 02 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I used to think that baby bootees were fiddly, but egg covers…you do have patience!

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