20 02 2013



This morning the weather was warm enough to start cleaning the barn.  A chore which the boys are helping me with.  The Hay is about a foot thick on the barn floor.  It provides a good insulation and some warmth, but when it gets this thick its hard to clean.  I have to find another solution for giving them hay.  All the hay on the floor is waste from them, and at 4.00 or more a bale it’s not something I want to waste .  It’s all good hay that they have taken out of the feeder.  I have already cleaned the barn once during the winter.  A friend of mine got a hay feeder that is supposed to stop sheep from wasting  and it didn’t work either.


We now have the starts of a manure pile in the pasture.


These two sheep are the most delightful sheep.  They are interested in everything that goes on in the neighborhood.   I am feeding the sheep early tonight as we are leaving for Belchertown to watch Tea’s game.  CK and Maude are out watching the boys slide..  As soon as they saw me they came right to me.

P1020400  P1020401  








In 6 weeks or so all the sheep will be sheared and I can’t wait to spin some of their wool.  Most will go out to be made into yarn though.







The boys have found the perfect place for him.  In his old age he has respiratory problems and gets cold easily and this spot has been perfect for him.  The fan blows near him.  Life is good for the old boy.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.              Carole



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23 02 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Older animals, like people, enjoy a warm fire…your sheep look happy! When your etsy shop is completed, I look forward to purchasing some wool for spinning!

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