18 02 2013


The weather has changed again, colder and with high winds today.  I had work to do outside and it was brutal.  Not too much left of February, March is always better.


Yesterday I went to Belchertown to see Tea’s basketball game.  On the way I picked up more carrots and what they call horse apples.  These are apples that are blemished or slightly bruised.  Sadie will enjoy them and so will I.  The price was right $8.00 for 50 pounds or so.  I am going to make an apple pie tomorrow.

Tea’s Game

P1020373  P1020374





The game was played at home at Belchertown High School.  They were playing a neighboring school.  It was a good and exciting game with both schools having good teams.  Tea ( 23) played very well, she loves the game and is a great player.  She scored 10 points in the game.  There is another game this coming week and I hope to attend with the boys.


I pressed the rug today and will bring it upstairs tonight.  I am also bringing up my plant starting equipment.  I won’t be starting anything until I get back from Florida but will have everything ready for it.  I will be starting a variety of tomatoes.


Yesterday I was able to get over 50 pounds of snacks for the chickens at my local co-op.  They ate hardily today with cooked broccoli stems and lots of greens. 

P1020375In the bag was lots and lots of onions skins.  I am drying them out and will use them this summer to dye with,  The produce a nice orange dye.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.                  Carole








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