16 02 2013


This morning I was all ready to go to my knitting class and then a meeting for Farm To Fiber and my car wouldn’t start.  This little car of mine has been an absolute dream, hardly any problems.  Well in the end it was entirely my fault, I had not shut the hatch all the way.  I called AAA and someone came in less than an hour.  5 minutes later it was running and while he was filling out the paperwork we chatted.  Murphy was crowing in the background so the conversation went to chickens.  He has 14 hens and then mentioned his son who all of a sudden is recycling and commenting on what is being thrown away in the household.   I mentioned the No Impact show and he said he wished more people would get involved with things like that. 

Since watching that show I have really been watching what I am throwing away.  Lots of packaging you can recycle but the plastic packaging can’t be recycled.     I want to get away from that so I will get myself into a habit buying in bulk, buying more at the health food store where I can bring in my own container and bringing my own recycled storage bags to the grocery store with me to buy lettuce and the like.  There are lots of little things one can do.  We don’t have to be like the no impact people we just need to do what we can.


The meeting was today and I wasn’t able to attend but I did go down and pick up the post cards.  They came out beautiful and I will ge some out soon.  We are almost full so I think the event will be quite successful.  Here is a picture of the card.  Sorry bit my camera seems to be acting up too.




Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blog.  Carole



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23 02 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Love the postcards!

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