13 02 2013


7 eggs yesterday plus the weird one.



When you raise chickens occasionally you will get an egg without a shell just a membrane.  Yesterday I got such an egg from Helen.  She laid the egg late in the day and was on the nest looking at the egg .  I thought that odd so I went to grab the egg and it was soft.  It did have a thin layer of shell on it though.




As you know I am taking a Scottish sweater class at Metaphor Yarns.   I am enjoying the class and learning patience.  Keeping track of patterns isn’t the easiest thing and any little distraction can have me messing up.  

On March 1st and the following Friday I will be teaching a drop spindle class at Metaphor.  It will be a basic class where the student will learn the basis of drop spindling, learn to ply on the spindle and try different kinds of rovings.  In the class we will talk about sheep breeds and  learn what types of projects they are good for and much more.  Check out Metaphor’s site for list of classes.


For the past few years I have made an Easter Tree.  I usually go and look for a suitable branch and I have this small cement pot ready to put it in.  This year I decided that since I did cut down a huge branch of pussy willow I would use  a piece of that.


I blow out the eggs with the Blast it. (gotten on the internet) The eggs are  from Mrs. Brown and  Morticia who are bantam hens.  This year only Morticia is laying so I have collected some of her eggs.  Tonight when they are dried  I will dye them with food coloring as I never seem to have the Easter egg dyes.Then I will glue a small piece of felted wool to cover the small hole and add a ribbon for hanging.  They are fragile but very sweet.  I will show you the complete tree tomorrow.


If you do not raise bantam hens I am sure within your local community you could find someone who does or you could get some quail eggs.  I have done large eggs too.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.       Carole



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