11 02 2013


Today we had between 4 and 5 more inches of snow, then freezing rain and then the sun was out.  The temps climbed up and there was some melting but not a lot.  The driving will be terrible tonight with temps dipping below freezing.  Although here in Colrain the Highway department does a wonderful job at keeping the roads cleared and sanded.



It took about 90 minutes to sew the rug.  I still have to cut off some loose ends and steam it.  I really don’t know where to put it, but I think it will go in the upstairs hall.


Most of the blue yarn around the edges is from yarn made from my flock of Border Leicester sheep ( the only one left from that flock is Sadie ) and my Angora goat Timmy.  You can see changes of blues which means I ran out of it and had to use some other handspun blue.  

I don’t think that I would attempt a  rug this big for quite a while.   I will make another of the same pattern but smaller.  I still have a lot of yarn left to use.  And all of  that roving from Elliott.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole



One response

12 02 2013
Anne Wilson

The rug looks wonderful, a real labour of love. i hope you are keeping nice and warm throughout all your snow, it looks lovely, but too cold for me.

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