10 02 2013


It was 10 below zero this morning.  All chicken waterers were frozen solid and so was Sadie’s bucket.  I love heated water buckets!!!!!!!  

I have spent hours today shoveling with the green machine and using the roof shovel for the porch roof.  Because of all the snow I am only getting 3 feet of snow cleared  on the roof.    Tomorrow we are supposed to have snow sleet and ice pellets.  Some snow melted today because it was above freezing.  And quick thaw will cause a disaster in the barn, and  make the snow heavier on the  porch roof.  I finished around the edge of the porch roof.

The roof Shovel

The roof Shovel













I finished hooking the rug today.  Now I have to fold over the ends and sew it, then the whole rug needs to be steam ironed.


When I am working on rugs or sewing I watch movies, documentaries and such.  Today I watch No Impact Man.  It was an interesting experiment done by a family in New York City.  This family, man, woman and small child and dog decided to live for one year with no impact .  No trash, no buying anything new, eating only local foods, no electricity.  These things were done over time not all at once.  They biked or walked everywhere.  Didn’t use elevators, they made their own cleaners, shampoo’s etc.    I thought it was a very enlightening documentary.  We each have to lighten our load.  I know now that I will buy more things in the bulk section of my local health food store.  Bringing my own container each time saves on plastic bags or bottles.  Even shampoo’s can be bought that way, olive oil, molasses and things like that.  He had a worm bin which I wanted and have  looked into and even taken a workshop on the subject. Having chickens and sheep helps me recycle things like potato peelings , chickens like any type of kitchen scraps,  weeds, anything that they can’t eat is put in the mulch bin.  If we all did just a few things it would make a difference.

Tyler and Charlie get me hay from my son’s barn and sled it over every few days. After its brought up there is a great sled ride down the hill.



The sheep and Elliott are waiting for the hay .



Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have  a wonderful day.                 Carole




One response

11 02 2013
Anne Wilson

You must be totally exhausted clearing all that snow, I do hope it clears soon for you. Your house looks so pretty nestling in the snow and at least snow is a good insulator.

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