8 02 2013



I am prepared for the blizzard, both stoves are going, some food is prepared.    The snow started around 10 this morning.  Its been snowing steadily since then, but since the flakes are small it’s not adding up just yet, maybe 3 inches on the ground so far.  The wind is starting to gust.  The mountains can no longer be seen.  My son will be at the firehouse tonight with others in case of emergencies.  


  I will shut the sheep in the barn tonight.  The cats have been resting today in preparation for the storm.


From back to front, Sam, Angus and Shorty


I bought this kit from PEACE FLEECE in Maine last fall.  I knew I wanted to make these for spring and some spring sales.  Everything you need to make them are in the kit.  


Peace Fleece has been existence for many years.  Taking fleece from their sheep and mixing it with fleece from the soviet union was one of the things they did first.  Turning this into a wonderful yarn.  They have done the same with other countries.  The yarn is wonderful to knit with, visit them online to read the full story  and check out all the kits.

I am going to feed the sheep and give the green machine a work out.  I hope that I will have a hen or two done tomorrow.  Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole







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