8 02 2013


There are only small patches of snow left on the sheep’s pasture and I am almost out of kindling.  I went up to see if there was any there and found some branches that had fallen down and some kindling.  One of the branches looked like it would be an addition perch for the hens in the back so I brought it down.  I installed it with my great carpentry skills (a hammer and a nail and some bailing twine).  I volunteered Hester to be the first hen to use it and she seemed to 

P1020287 P1020288I think I saw a light bulb over her head!  She immediately walked over to her favorite nesting spot.  She will fool the rest of them for a few days at least and be very proud of herself for doing so.  As you can see she was the Queen of the coop last night.

Seven eggs were laid yesterday what a good count for such a cold, windy day.  Francis who is around 10 years old has started to lay blue/green eggs again.  She has been laying one every other day.  Yea Francis.


We are expecting Blizzard conditions starting after midnight tonight into Saturday morning. High winds and a foot or more of snow.  I hope to bring in lots of wood .  I will have to go out Friday morning and shovel.  My little electric snow shovel can’t take more than 4 inches of snow at a time.  So that will be easy enough to do it a couple of times.  I am doing my errands and mailing a package of salve to a customer at the cape and unloading  shavings and grain safely into the barn and I will be ready for the storm.  This afternoon I am making tapioca and rice puddings to have on hand and mix up a tossed salad, just in case we lose electricity.  I can always cook on my wood stove.


I still have a few things that I need to make out of Carol’s crocheted items.  I thought this would make a nice drawer sachet.  I didn’t know what I was going to use for the inside so the lavender and rose petals wouldn’t fall out.  I did have some  nylon stocking that I hadn’t cut  for rugs.  It was perfect.


 I hand sewed them in place and then hand sewed it together.  Filled with rose petals and lavender it will make my sock drawer smell wonderful


Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.                   Carole



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8 02 2013

Love the perch..the ones made from branches are the best! Good for Hester getting the prime spot! The sachet is great too. The lavender and rose petals must be wonderful!

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