5 02 2013


Sadie’s Birthday

Sadie is officially 16 today.    She was treated with a Happy Birthday Chorus by myself and her friends in the barn.


Susan’s Visit,

We had a wonderful visit and plan to do it again soon as an overnight.  She will bring her dog Teddy.   Susan and  I met at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool show.  She had a booth there selling woolen items, herbs and silk screened t-shirts.  I loved what she had at her booth and we struck up a friendship and have kept in touch for all these years, well over 20.  She raised sheep and had horses and I had sheep and one horse.  I taught her to spin.  We e-mail daily and are kindred spirits.  We didn’t do any projects but had a show and tell.   She took home some eggs and pussy willows.  

I made chicken pot pie, I couldn’t find my old recipe so got one online.  I have to say it came out so good.  I plan to make it again soon and freeze it for days when I don’t feel like cooking.  Gingerbread and fresh whipped cream for dessert.




The Way of the Hen by Clea Danaan


Susan sent me this book before Christmas and although it’s a small book I am just getting to it now.  On the cover it says Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens.  I have lots of books on Chickens, stories about them, hints on taking care of them, what they can do for the garden etc.  but this is the first  book about chickens with a spiritual aspect.

I have been raising Chicken for over 10 years.  Before I started raising them I didn’t know much about them.  I now think they have a zen like quality.  In the warm weather I have a metal chair sitting near each chicken area.  I often stop for a minute to just sit ad watch them and before I know it a half hour has gone by.  My troubles have escaped me and I am in tune with the chickens.

So many people are getting backyard chickens, people have one or two in apartments in New York, there are small chicken yards in Brooklyn.  This book explains why people are getting so attached and involved with them.  The book covers everything from changing the world by getting some chickens, information about the industrial egg, and the joys of gathering eggs.

In the over 10 years of raising chickens I can honestly say that each time I find an egg its exciting.  I know who laid most of the eggs, the shapes can be sometimes very unusual, these eggs would not be sold to the public because they are odd sized.  I love them and usually include them when give eggs to friends.  Kids get so excited when gathering the eggs, especially when the egg is warm or they get to see it being laid.  Many hens announce the arrival of the egg, with loud noises and parading around.  I think you would enjoy this book if you have chickens or not.  I am learning a lot from it.


An egg from Amelia in early morning light.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.                     Carole



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6 02 2013

Happy belated birthday to Sadie! Sweet Sixteen! The book sounds amazing! I said just the other day that I thought that women getting chickens is one of the signs of the Awakening..there is nothing more female than hens….and that energy, value whatever is becoming more important to people. So yes, I think raising chickens CAN save the world! Patti

6 02 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I kept hens in my garden in London for most of the years I lived there. Some friends kept hens on their allotment. I am planning on some hens very soon!

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