3 02 2013


Today was sunny but chicken water buckets were still frozen.  It was cold this afternoon and it feels like snow.  I forgot the hose for the upstairs  water in the barn so it was frozen.  I hope that it will work tonight.  The wood stove and pellet stoves are on and the smell of Lemon Grass is floating through the air from the pot on the stove in the kitchen.  I have a cast iron pot on top of the wood stove filled with water and add different essential oil each day.  It helps keep moisture in the air and keep the sinuses open and makes the house smell wonderful.



I have had this bowl since we packed up Mom’s house.  It belonged to my Grandmother before it belong to my Mom.  I remember wonderful things being made in this bowl,  Pancakes, pie crusts for blueberry or pumpkin pies, brownies and many more things.  When I first got the bowl I didn’t use it I just put it on a shelf.  Now I use it everyday for the carrots and apples for the sheep.  Everytime I use it I think of all the love that went into things that were made in this bowl.    Some things are meant to be used and not sit on shelves.



Well as you can see the rug is very close to being finished and Angus approves.  I have to say I am very glad.  I am really sick of working on this rug, and have watched many series on Netflix while doing it.  I have watched Merlin,  White Collar,  and The Eagle and travel series about Burma and Tibet.    All were very very interesting and I learned many things from each one.  Now I am ready to start on finishing up another rug then I will work on some of my more recent projects.  I want to get the Nubble Lighthouse rug and the Blueberry Jar rug done before the end of April so I can bring them to Camp Wool.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.     Carole



3 responses

3 02 2013
Mary Jane

I know just what you mean about your grandmother’s bowl, and you described it so well… I have things from old eggbeaters to cookie tins from my mother and grandmother, and do try to use each from time to time…

3 02 2013
Anne Wilson

The rug looks wonderful where will you put it when it is finished, it looks as though Angus has first claim to it.

6 02 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

An absolutely fabulous rug…what a lovely design! And you are right…some things are meant to be used! Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage, Colx

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