2 02 2013


We had an inch or two of snow last night and its windy today.  The temps are back to the normal winter range.  The warmer temps melted a lot of the snow cover so I am really glad that it snowed.  Snow cover is important in New England.  Lots of plants like Thyme  need the protection.


P1020226 P1020228

All the coops were cleaned yesterday while the weather was above freezing.  The floor sweepings were scattered  around the side yard.  The chicks are enjoying their breakfast this morning without their water being frozen.

















MINI FARMING  Self sufficiency on 1/4 acre

by Brett L. Markham

This is a book I bought last fall and put it away for spring reading.  It says if you follow this book you could grow 85% of your food and earn money from the extra.   As with all books I am taking what will work for me out of this book.  The book is 219 pages jam-packed with information on  organic gardening, raising  chickens, canning, dehydrating and much more.  It is reasonably priced at $16.95 and I bet you could pick up a used copy on amazon.  His ideas are practical, a good book for the  long time and new gardeners too. 

 This spring I need to have a chimney replaced and some cement work done.  Any cement blocks from the chimney that are somewhat intact I will use on the hill as raised beds.  Since the hill is steep the raised beds will have pathways between them  and will make it easier for me to  walk and pick my vegetables.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.      Carole



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2 02 2013
Anne Wilson

Your chickens look warm and contented, do they venture out when there is snow on the ground? I think our lot would prefer snow to all the rain we have had.Raised beds are fantastic, so much easier to work with.

6 02 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I recently dug out the paths in the tunnel between the raised beds, so the beds are even more raised…putting the soil onto the beds, making them even more raised!

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