30 01 2013


Crafts of Colrain

The first meeting of the year was held  last night for the Crafts of Colrain.  There was a good crowd and work will begin on the tour.  New people were there and showed their wares and will be added to the tour.  Even though its 11 months till the tour things need to be done at this early date.  This year I hope to have some willow baskets from my own willow. 



After a restless night of not having the freedom of the house and food Shorty and I drove down to the Brookside Animal Hospital this morning.  The roads were well sanded  but there were icy spots.

Shorty had a few teeth removed and  tartar removed on the others and some blood work and a check for diabetes and he is happily at home.  Even though he was only gone for the day the other cats missed him and so did I.  



Today there are glimpses  of spring everywhere.  From the birds at the feeders to the apple orchards and the warmer weather.  A sure sign is the man who comes to trim the apple trees each year at the local apple orchards.


  It’s a lone man who works about a month in the orchards trimming the branches to insure the best crop.  When he is gone my pussy willows are usually in bloom and spring is around the corner.

Their is a bluish tinge to the ice from the minerals within.


Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole



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