28 01 2013


A lone Snowbird eating a sunflower seed.

P1020207This morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs on permaculture from Ireland.  She is always on the mark about how global warming is going.   She is always urging people to plant more food, more bushes and trees.  Today and since this bitter cold snap came through Robins have been in my crabapple tree.  Those poor little mites get confused when we have temps in January are near 50 for a few days, then they fly up here and its below zero.  I have put lots of food out for them and there are places for them to get shelter from the blistering winds, but its a gentle reminder to me how things are going.  We all need to do our part in keeping this planet going.  Buying local, using what we have and providing food and shelter for our fellow creatures.


As I have told you before its hard for me to throw away any part of my Sheep fleeces.  From Colette I have learned where to put the worst part to help my apple trees grow.  I usually spin all of the fleece and there are some parts of it that are very rough.  I have been going through the boxes of handspun and have used up a lot of the scratchy yarn in the rug I am doing.  When I am finished it will be a work of art but hold many memories  for me.  I spun up some gold wool that I bought from Kerry Woolen Mill, there is a little bit from every sheep that I have ever owned in that rug and of course the coarse wool from Elliott.  The rug should stand the test of time.  Other rugs hold bits and pieces of my Dad’s, Uncle’s and Grandfather’s ties, my Mom’s skirt from her late teen years.  Old woolen skirts, shirts , and scarves from my youth .  A skirt picked up at Frenchies in Nova Scotia when I took the class from Deanne.  And many thrift shop finds.  This doesn’t mean that I  don’t buy woolen cloth when I need to, but lots of what goes into my rugs  have meaning to me.  I am hoping to sew a cloth description of things that went into the rug on every rug I make,  so that when I am not here my family will know what has gone into them.

P1020209I hope the 2013 looks better when everything else is filled in.


I just finished my grocery shopping in time, the snow is falling at a pretty good pace.  I am home before the roads get bad and have all stoves started up.  The lower valley’s are supposed to get sleet tonight but  we may get more snow.  Its suppose to be warmer tomorrow.


The mountain on the other side of the valley is hardly visible.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.     Carole



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