25 01 2013

Good Day to you

Well I think last night was the coldest of the year.  No frozen pipe noted.  The water faucet in the barn is frozen open but it was well-drained so should open later this afternoon with some heated towels. Francis who is around 8 years old laid an egg earlier this morning and it was frozen and split.  Amelia laid hers later and it was fine.  Living in New England these things are to be expected.



I made the stir fry today and it was too salty for me.  I thought I bought low sodium soy sauce but it wasn’t..  I would dilute it with water, maybe 1/2 and 1/2.  Other wise it was good.






I tried to upload the picture of the finished plate but couldn’t, it said try later!!!!!  I will put it in tomorrow if I can.

More Cold tonight, Its suppose to get down to 10 below zero and there will be wind so the chill temp could be 20 or 30 below.  The sheep seem to be doing well and the chickens too.  Warmer weather coming next week when Monday it will be in the 40’s.  No wonder everyone is sick.

Many thanks for reading my blog hope you have a wonderful day.





2 responses

25 01 2013
Anne Wilson

That sounds very cold to me, hope you are managing to keep warm yourself.

25 01 2013

Glad your sheep and your girls are ok…this weather, after last year’s mild winter, is difficult…but that is New England. Still, I am looking forward to the warmer weather!

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