22 01 2013


The cold has come tonight dropping below zero.  The winds were going all day long making it feel even colder.  Soup is in the crock pot and all stoves are going.  The bird feeders filled,  its suppose to last for a few days and I hope that we are ready for it.



I stopped at my local food co-op and they had this bag of chicken goodies for me.  Delightful treats are in store for them for days.


I got a huge sliver the other day on my hand.  It was painful and  I just couldn’t get it out myself.   My Grandfather had drawing salve in our cellar when I was a child.  It was Pine Pitch.  I don’t know if anything else was added to it.  He had it in a tin and he would heat it up and put a drop of the warm pitch on the sliver and the next day it would be out.  That tin was always in the cellar, I wish I knew how to make the salve.  It smelled good and worked.  I have found something else that works.  It is Slippery Elm Bark  (ground up).  You can get the powdered or get it in capsule form at a health food store.


 I had the capsules and broke one open mixed it with water until it was a paste and put it on the sliver and added a large band-aid to cover it.  The pain was gone and the next morning most of the sliver was out and the rest came out today.    This is great for kids and adults alike, no poking or probing with a needle.  If you have a recipe for pine pitch salve please e-mail to me, I would forever grateful.  I do remember my Grandfather talking about gathering the pitch, wish I had listened better.


When we got the hay last summer  we filled my barn and put a lot in my son’s barn.  The boys have been bringing it over by sled when I need it.  Today Charlie bought a bale over , tomorrow both boys will bring over some.  Today’s bale overturn on top of the hill right near the sheep’s fence and rolled down the hill and over the stone wall,  Charlie slid too but managed to save himself before going over by grabbing onto some chain that he found on the ground.









  I have been looking for that since way before the holidays.  When I was cleaning out the barn it must have been in the hay.  Yea, now I can lock the gate well do I really need to chain it, probably not.  Charlie had a great sled ride down the hill, there is a bump 3/4 of the way down which sends the sled in the air a little bit.  What fun.

Many thanks for reading my blog and hope you have a wonderful day.                                                                                 Carole



2 responses

24 01 2013
Anne Wilson

I must get some slippery elm, my body is always reluctant to give up splinters and it normally results in Simon having to dig them out, very painful.

28 01 2013
Francine Keating

I have used two old time drawing ointments with success over many years. One is Ergophene and the other is Icthammol. I think that Ergophene (Upjohn Company) is no longer on the market. You can still purchase Icthammol at least from smaller pharmacies. Ask a pharmacist. Sometimes they have to order it. It is an ugly dark brown/black in color but it usually works overnight! I use it on splinters, and all of the thorns I manage to get firmly stuck in my fingers working with my antique roses. I have heard it recommended for insect bits and stings but haven’t tried it for that purpose.

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