21 01 2013


Sammy just loves the rug, he wants it finished asap.  Another woolen place to lay on, life couldn’t be better.


I finished spinning the Eliott bulky yarn last night.  It was just enough to fill the bobbin.  The bulky yarn seems to work for the rug.  Most of the yarn in this rug is handspun and of all different weights.  Some yarns have to be doubled and some quadrupled.  This is a big project and when I drew it out I didn’t realize how long it would take or how much wool is in it.  I hope to weigh it when its done.

P1020147I have never signed a rug, I guess its time I should.  I think that I will dye some of Elliott’s yarn purple and do it in purple.


P1020148The kitchen is the only warm part of the house in the daytime unless I am using the pellet stove.  I am uncomfortable using both stoves but have to because oil is so expensive.  I wish I could come up with a different way to keep the house warm.  Shorty is enjoy the warmth of the wood stove.


The Museum of Country Life

P1020154Cindy and I rented a house in Sligo some years ago with Debbie and Dave.  It was a delightful trip filled with new experiences.  One of our favorite places was The Museum of  Country Life.  I had read about it in Country Life  magazine (a UK magazine I get every month).  The grounds are beautiful, filled with immaculate grass and flowers everywhere.  The buildings are filled with things from Ireland’s past.   You can see old implements from farming, old clothing, it was a wonderful collection.  You can also visit Turlough Park House which is on the grounds.  It is located in Turlough Park, Castlebar, County Mayo.  This is a place where I would love to make a return visit.   If you are in Ireland don’t miss this .

Another memory from that trip was the day when Cindy, Deb and Dave went to Dublin on the train.  I stayed at the cottage and the owner and I dyed wool.  She had a small flock of sheep.  Then she took me into the pasture we picked some sturdy tall reeds and made Saint Brigid’s Crosses.  I still have one.    I think another trip to Sligo is in my future.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole









3 responses

21 01 2013
Mary Jane

The rug is looking great! Do sign it with your initials and maybe the year, too. Too many rugs out there with no signature of any kind…

22 01 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

The rug is a wonderful creation! Just how many talents have you got…that’s a rhetorical question as I know you are multi-talented…but seriously, you’re an inspiration.
Sligo is a hop, skip and a jump from Bealtaine Cottage, so make sure you add an afternoon tea with me on your next jaunt across the pond!
I’m going to sit down later and catch up with your inspirational blogs!
Bealtaine Blessings

22 01 2013
Anne Wilson

The rug looks beautiful, how many hours work will it have taken you? You must sign it.

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