19 01 2013


Bailing Twine Rug

I think that I will need to dampen it to get it to lay flat.  I would weave the next one a little closer but because this was used twine it frayed so much it was hard to weave.


The bailing twine rug is finished and I learned a lot from doing it. I think that  I will be ordering some twine to make some hanging  storage bags.  I will have to make a different size loom.  Hoping that I can sell these at the farmers market this summer.



Last year there was a lot of talk during the winter with the local chicken internet group about added protein and greens to their diets in the winter.  Everyone seemed to be trying  alfalfa cubes.  My hens are all over 2 years of age and there are 2  that are over 10 years old, the rest fall in the 3 year to 8 year range.  As a chicken ages they lay fewer eggs. and sometimes the shells are softer.   I bought the cubes in the fall and started them yesterday.  Today’s oatmeal had some alfalfa mixed into it and there wasn’t a crumb left. 



I have also been interested in Kelp.  Lots of vitamins and minerals in it.    I also bought some of that in the fall.   I have been sprinkling a little over a tablespoon on their food since yesterday and they seem to eat that all up too.  I am going to do some investigating about feeding it to the cats and Sadie and Elliott.

These two products will be beneficial to the animals during the winter.  Unfortunately  the alfalfa has to be bought in 50 pound bags  so at 3 cubes every other day they may last quite a long time.

Hester got her coveted nest box spot tonight, she outwitted Charlotte.

Today was a beautiful sunny day with nice temps, cold is coming back tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.      Carole






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20 01 2013
Patricia Smith

Carol, I read an article about kelp that stopped me from buying sushi made with it; I buy the vegetable ones made with rice covering instead. The kelp has been found to be loaded with heavy metals and other things that are being dumped in th ocean. Not healthy.

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