19 01 2013


Last night was a crisp,cold night.   The moon was shrouded with clouds.


The night feeding is by far my favorite.   The world is quiet in the back of the barn.  The only sound is the crunching of hay and carrots.



I signed up for this  class in the fall.  I have always wanted to make a Fisherman’s Sweater but never have.  I realized that if I took a class I would get one done and probably make a few more.  The class is held at Metaphor Yarns on Route 2 in Shelburne.  A wonderful local yarn store which offers lots of classes and some drop in and knit days and all sorts of exciting things for knitting.   They have a wonderful selection of yarns and patterns, check them out online at



The class is being taught by Liz Sorenson and the pattern is done by her also.  It is not just a pattern but  with loads of helpful hints along with it.  We are all making a child size.  This is good because it dosen’t take as long to knit, then you already know all the ins and outs of the pattern when you make one for yourself.  The pattern can be bought through Ravelry:


The class has already started so I have some catching up to do this coming week. I will give this sweater to Lil, she is the only one I know that will be able to wear it and maybe not for a few years.

Hope that you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.       Carole



2 responses

19 01 2013

That sweater is adorable! Have fun with the class. Patti

19 01 2013
Anne Wilson

I used to knit Aran sweaters to order, loved doing it if memory serves me right it was twelve rows to a pattern set and I used to aim at two sets per night, I did not enjoy working with oiled wool though and used to charge far more for these.

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