17 01 2013


With temps in the 40’s today no wonder there was a robin in the apple tree.  But tonight it will go down to 6 degrees, I hope the robin can find some shelter.P1020114FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW

P1020110These footprints are from a neighborhood cat named Pumpkin.  He makes the rounds daily.P1020108

After a snowstorm its interesting to see who came and went.   I really didn’t know we had any rabbits around until the last snow storm when I saw some track going to my son’s house.  There are bird tracks all over.


Helen was the first one  in the nest box this morning.  She was all business but no egg!










Well, I got busy in the late fall and left these pumpkins out on the porch, of course they froze.  I decided to bring in the biggest one and let it thaw and this morning gave it to the back hens and they loved it.


In the middle of February the local online chicken group are having a chicken chat at a farm in Hatfield.  Last year I went and  found it invaluable.  This year it looks like double the crowd will be there.  I hope to have some questions answered about the coop in back which is so damp and the greenhouse.  Looking forward to lots of chicken talk.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.         





2 responses

17 01 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

Poor Robin…I hope he survives the cold weather…and all of you there too!

18 01 2013
Anne Wilson

It looks mighty cold, so far we have escaped a really cold spell but that could change, raining cats and dogs at the moment. Do you give your hens the pumpkins as a natural wormer and do you find it works?

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