16 01 2013


The snow is coming down fast and furious.




Eliot Colman of Maine wrote this book in 2009.  I have always wanted  a greenhouse since my garden in Holyoke in the 70’s.  It just seemed like a natural way to progress.  I wanted greens all year round and a perfect place for all my houseplants during the winter. 

Every month I go to Atkins Fruit Store in Amherst, Ma. to get 100 pounds of carrots for the Sheep.  On the way to Atkins there is a wonderful, large English style greenhouse.  Always filled with flowering plants and in the evening with  lights on its spectacular.   All the way home I dream of having one.  Now, I do know that  I could never afford anything like that but could instead I could  have a small hoop or greenhouse .

This book was bought when I was working and knew that someday I would have the time to try something like this.  It explains the in’s and out’s of year round vegetable production in an unheated greenhouse.  Can you imagine greens all year-long, Brussel sprouts into the spring, fresh carrots and maybe fresh tomatoes into January.  I am going through this book this winter to see what would work for me.

I am still interested in a small greenhouse attached to the front of the barn for the front chickens.  The response I have gotten from my Local chicken group was not that encouraging.  The windows still sit in the barn awaiting the day they can become that greenhouse.  It can’t be that large and must be something that I could take apart easily.  Maybe have a tin roof and some ventilation.  There is a local chicken discussion group in February and I will attend and put the question to the group for ideas.



Today is the first time I have used my electric snow shovel.  I just love it.  It’s the perfect size and weight.  I have already done my walkway to the car and some of the drive-way.  I was called back into the house by Sadie.  She hadn’t had her cabbage and apples yet!!!!!!  She’s spoiled but who cares, she deserves it.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.       Carole




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16 01 2013

I have almost ordered that book many times! I think a poly tunnel is definitely in my future…greens all winter! What a concept! Are you learning a lot?

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