13 01 2013


The past two days have been foggy.  You can’t see the mountains across the valley at all.    The lack of sun brought no eggs on Friday and 4 yesterday.  Today seems to be a better day for eggs.


The winters of old seem to be a thing of the past.  We haven’t had much snow fall this year.  For the past two years my pussy willows have bloomed in December.  They used to be the first things out in late February or early March.    It is a sign of the times.  The weather patterns are changing, we are supposed to get some cold weather this week and I hope some snow added to whats on the ground.  If not this year may be a bad year for Maple Syrup farmers.


My son and I planned to get the evaporator that my Dad bought me set up out back.  But things got busy in the fall and it didn’t get done.  I think it will have to wait until next year.  We have plenty of old Maples out back  and we would run tubing although I do dislike it, but I am getting too old to carry the buckets like I did 20 years ago.  It is something that I really loved doing.



She is growing so fast, she  is a most cheerful child.



I got the garden book out.    Today I cleaned out two coops and while distributing the floor sweepings around the yard I made a plan to increase both chicken yards.  With the added space I will seed the area with a variety of grasses and have the area so I can block them out of it and reseed during the summer.  I am going to draw out some plans in my garden book.  I also want to add two more holly’s in the front of the house to give the birds even more hiding places. 

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for reading my blog.     Carole



2 responses

13 01 2013
Your Son

Yes She is so cheerful and talkative it’s to bad that’s the First and Last time she where’s that Cute Dress…My Little Angle.and Grams little sheep herder

17 01 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

You must stop referring to your age…you’re as young as you feel and that changes daily and seasonally…
My grandmother once said, “Sometimes when I pass the mirror and see this old lady looking at me I get quite a shock, because in my mind I’m 16 years old!”

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