11 01 2013


It’s another cold, damp, dark day here in Western Massachusetts.  I have spent a good part of the day keeping this old house warm.


A friend of mine was making handspun Alpaca hats and selling them.  I had been given bags of Alpaca to spin so I got them out and started spinning.  Her hats were elaborate and beautiful.  I really wanted something that looked nice but was easy to knit and practical.   After looking at what seemed like hundreds of books on hat making I found this book “Hattitude ” by Cathy Carron.


I did change the pattern some, just knitting  it instead of the pattern called for.  I really didn’t want to follow a pattern.  I wanted the hat to be basic and simple.  This wonderful hat covers your ears and comes down on your neck too.  It has worked out to be a wonderful, warm hat.  So if you are looking for something different, yet quick and easy in hat wear try this pattern.  Its called Austere.  The yarn I spun for this hat was spun in a bulky weight.



Poor Hester, her beloved sleeping spot was taken over by Charlotte for quite some time.  Last night she was successful.  She looks pretty smug in there doesn’t she?


last summer I had to have the back part of my kitchen done over.  The sill piece had rotten and the back walls were never insulated right.  My neighbor Pat did a wonderful job on it.  I have shelves for all sorts of things, Its made my life easier.


Living in this house for 14 years I have had a battle with rats and mice.  The barn is attached to the house (that was the whole reason I bought this place) which makes it easy for these little creatures to get in.  I really needed a place to store waxed paper, zip lock bags and the likes.  The post box is perfect.   There was just enough room for it between my washer and dryer.  I looked and looked for a used one but couldn’t find one.   I think that I paid around $30. for this large one.    It’s the perfect place to store the waxed paper, crackers, and some grass seed.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for reading my blog.      Carole





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17 01 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

I adore the little candle in the window. You are living a charmed and wonderful life. Thanks for sharing it with me!

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