10 01 2013


Yesterday there was a note on my backdoor with a small sandwich bag of shavings.  A neighbor down the street is doing some woodworking and has lots of shavings and did I want them.  I called him back and said yes I would love them.  Today I finally met up with him and the shavings are cherry and we agreed that in the spring I would bring down some loads of barn cleanings.  So 4 large bags of cherry shavings were on the front porch.   

Everyone loves Oatmeal and yogurt.

Everyone loves Oatmeal and yogurt.

I had planned to clean the back coop today anyway.  Maybe it’s because it’s in the back of the barn or there is some other reason but it needs cleaning much more than the other two do.  I think its only about 6 feet from the back stone wall of the barn and there is so much moisture there.  So now its nice and clean and smells wonderful with cherry and pine shavings.

It was a beautiful sunny day here although there was wind, but inside the barn the sun came streaming into the hen-house and 8 eggs were laid today.  5 from these girls.

Keeping Track of Egg Production and other events that happen  on the Farm.

I did start my Chicken notebook for the year yesterday.  I didn’t get very far last year ending with shearing day in early April.  Its sort of a egg journal but I do keep track of the weather, snow and rain amounts and notes about shearing and things like that too.    This year I am adding some pictures.  


I have a journal but haven’t been that good in the past months about writing in it.  A friend of mine, Louise from Canada gave me some good advice about the journal.  She takes pictures and put them in with her writing.  I have done that and I love it.  I can look back on last years writing and pictures of places and things I have done pop up.  Thanks again Louise.. My friend Deb write in hers everyday and is always encouraging me to do the same.


How can they need hay again?  Tyler and Charlie are getting the hay and bringing it from their barn to mine.  They have made a game of it,  putting the hay on a sled and riding the sled down their small hill and pushing up mine hill.








 Then they slide down my hill.  So to them its all a game and not so much work.


It wasn't me

It wasn’t me

That is the question of the day.  Someone did it yesterday and I had to pail out the water and refill it last night.  This morning the same thing.  It is a large heated tub.  I used to blame Sadie but she isn’t in there anymore, so who is doing it.  The question was asked but no one answered.  I have spent a lot of time trying to figure a way to prevent this but so far no luck.  In the summer its different as I have the buckets outside so it never happens.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.      Carole





One response

11 01 2013

Cute about the kids sledding the hay over!

About the whodone-it, maybe they think its one of those mysterious French bidet things!

From warm and sunny FL

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