9 01 2013



I really haven’t written about Angus or shown many pictures of him.  He is Shorty and Oliver’s brother, although they could not be more different.  At one time I had their mother and all their siblings.









 When I lived in Maryland homeless, sick cats and kittens kept showing up at my doorstep.  It was a sad situation and I would take them in.  I ended up with more cats that one person should have.

Getting back to Angus.  He wants to be an only cat, unfortunately in a household with 6 cats that is impossible.  The only cat he truly gets along with is Sam.  He torments the life out of Willie the last cat to join us.  When company comes he takes over like when Deb came over on Sunday.  Angus would not leave her side.  I have decided to try the water pistol approach when poor Willie came into my bedroom with a scratch on his nose.  Its worked on other bad habits of the cats and I hope it will make this the peaceable kingdom again

Advantages of Raising Chicken

I couldn’t begin to list all the advantages of raising chickens.  Lots of folks think chickens are creatures without much of a brain or feelings.  I find this quite the opposite.  The longer I raise chickens the more I think they are like people.  They have a hierarchy whereas the hen in charge dictates to the lower hens, the disadvantage get thrown to the side and picked on (Amelia is a prim example of that) they have friends and mourn the loss of them.  It is so interesting to see the inner-workings of the hen-house.

 The other benefit is the eggs.  You will get all sorts of eggs.   Eggs which you never see in the supermarket.  Long ones,  totally round ones, double and triple yolkers, ones without shells!!!!  You just never know what you will get. Today is a great example of thriving and coming through bad times.  This egg is from Amelia the little hen who came to me with hardly any feathers.

P1020028  She was picked on where she came from and picked on here.  Now she lives in a coop where she is treated as an equal.  Her feathers grew back and she is laying almost every day.  Today’s egg tipped the scale.


Other advantages of raising hens is insect control, I hardly see a mosquito here and they love cleaning up scraps from the kitchen.  The produce lots of manure which enriches your garden.  They are inexpensive to purchase and produce eggs  for a long time.  

I bought the eggs scale right after I got the hens and kept a diary of  the weather and eggs production for one year.  I am going to do that again its fun to look back on that.








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10 01 2013

I can’t agree more about chickens…who knew? I wanted them for poop and for eggs. I never expected to fall in love with them!

10 01 2013
Chris Ravosa fixed your camera

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