8 01 2013



I have been busy with this rug.  I do love the way its coming out.  Its heavy and will be a perfect rug to step out of bed on a cold wintry morning.  I know I will make another one and already have plans to send Elliott’s  wool from 2012 and the fleece from 2013 out  to be done into roving.  This is using up a good amount of yarn!!!









Wool and Yarn


I have been raising sheep for many years and its hard for me to throw any of the wool away.

  Somehow when you wait a whole year for a fleece you want to use it all. Some on my friends tease me for keeping the neck wool which can be long and scratchy.  The only parts that I do throw in a mulch pile are the parts with manure on them.  And this year I learned something from a blog which I follow: http://www.permaculturecottage.wordpress.com  .  Colette told me that she puts that part of a fleece around her apple trees and she has wonderful apples.  I am getting 2 antique apple trees this year and that part of the fleece will be put around them.

The reddish – orange neck wool which I showed you on my blog a couple of days ago is now spun.   It will work so well in this rug.  A lot of the wool used would have been thrown away.  There are good uses for all scratchy wool.

Bailing Twine Rug.

I have worked on it some.  I find that because the twine is used it frays a lot and is somewhat hard to manage.  I think new bailing twine would go a lot faster.  I plan to make a cotton  rug next out of old cut up clothing.  I hope to  work on the twine  rug everyday, and hope that it will be finished by the weekend.






I can’t make up my mind if I want a really tight weave or not so I plan to do a few more rows to see how it looks.



Shorty always has a blissful look on his face.









This morning he was hoping that the pellet stove would magically come on.   It did not.   I usually get it going around noontime and the wood stove sometime in the afternoon.  Its a lot of work keeping up with the both stoves but surely makes the house a lot warmer

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.               Carole




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9 01 2013
Anne Wilson

Wool shody is great as a slow release fertiliser and soil improver, it also deters slugs, nice to have such a useful animal on hand and to be able to use every part of the fleece.

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