4 01 2013


After another frigid night its warming up and maybe the water to the barn will thaw.  We had more snow showers last night which added an inch or two to the already foot on the ground.  I heard that its suppose to be 40’s next week. 


The seed catalogs are coming in, I will occasionally  list a few that I have found to be very good.  Of course they don’t sell or buy any GMO’s 







I buy most of my fruit bushes from Nourse Farms.  You can check them out online at  They are local for me only less than 30 minutes from my house in South Deerfield, Ma.  They ship almost everywhere.  I am hoping this year

To get some more blueberries and raspberries, a currant bush, gooseberries and elderberries.

Elliott sneaking some hay








My sons, step child Tyler is helping me out today by bringing some hay from their barn to the fence near my barn door.  I looked out the window and the sheep were all hanging around and Elliott has his nose through the fence sampling the hay. The picture isn’t that great as it was taken through two glass windows and the screen.


I found this yarn that is from my sheep and that I had hand  painted  while cleaning upstairs.   I have been wanting to make some fleece lined mittens for myself and to sell.  The dyed fleece wasn’t hard to find either as I have mountains of it.


I took a workshop in making then back in the 80’s when I belonged to The Nutmeg Spinners Guild in Ct.  They certainly are warm and long-lasting mittens.  The fleece is knitted in and makes a second layer of warmth by felting .  I should finish it tonight and will put a picture of the finished mitten on the blog tomorrow.








Thank you so much for reading my blog and hope you have a wonderful day.       Carole





2 responses

4 01 2013
Deb Palmer

Oh my goodness- the mittens are GORGEOUS!! Just think of all the stuff we could make if we had time – just from finding a few “findings” in your stash!

7 01 2013
Bealtaine Cottage

The colours and textures in your wool are amazing…I love them!

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